HRH Premier honours Press Award winners

Manama, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has praised the contributions of the National Press to enhancing the kingdom’s development and progress march, through successive generations of journalists and columnists who assumed their responsibility and participated wholeheartedly and dedicatedly in the service of the nation.

HRH Premier stressed that the press and media play a pivotal role in the development process, highlighting the importance of the awareness-raising and enlightenment efforts of press and media in mobilising the community’s efforts towards constructive participation in the nation-building and progress march, as well as in strengthening the pillars of stability and security.

“Our keenness to honour the press personnel every year is a well-deserved appreciation for their significant national contributions and outstanding efforts in the service of journalism,” HRH Premier said, adding that the honouring is a “message to every creative person in various sectors that their giving and dedication for the sake for the advancement and progress of the nation are appreciated by all.”

HRH the Prime Minister made the statements as he patronised and attended the ceremony held today by the Information Affairs Ministry at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to honour the winners of the fourth edition of the “Khalifa bin Salman Press Award.”

The Prime Minister congratulated the award winners, affirming that they represent honourable models that reflect the Bahraini press, with its long history of high competence and professionalism, wishing them further success.

HRH Premier expressed pride in the professionalism and credibility of the Bahraini press, which, he said, has made it credible and trustworthy in obtaining accurate information and news and presenting high-quality intellectual content that enhances the culture of society and moves it to wider horizons of knowledge.

The Prime Minister saluted the press and the media personnel for their clear hallmarks in establishing the foundations of a distinguished school journalism in the region, and a model that reflects the respect of the noble values of the journalism profession as one of the tools for the progress of societies.

HRH Premier underlined the crucial role played by the press and media in the development process, citing their keenness to raise social issues.

The Prime Minister recalled with appreciation the contributions of the pioneers of journalistic and media work in the Kingdom, who left clear imprints and became role models for the subsequent promising generations who are on the path to safeguarding their distinguished legacy.

HRH Premier praised their years-long dedication in the service of the press and media, stressing that their giving will remain engraved in the national memory and a source of inspiration for the new generations as it epitomizes the true meanings of dedication in the service of the homeland.

HRH the Prime Minister then honoured the award laureates, who are columnist Mahmeed Al-Mahmeed, from “Akhbar Al-Khallej” newspaper, for the “Best Column”, journalist Mustafa Nooreddin, from “Al-Ayyam” newspaper, for the “Best Press Interview”, journalist Waleed Sabri, from “Al-Watan” newspaper, for the “Best Press Interview” and photographer Abdul Rasool Al-Hujairi, from “Al-Bilad” newspaper, for the “Best Press Photo”.

HRH Premier also honoured the personnel of the English-speaking newspapers and magazines, in recognition of their contributions to the press and media field in the kingdom.

The Prime Minister also honoured the late journalist Lotfi Nasr, columnist Dr. Abdulla Al-Hawaj, from “Al-Bilad” newspaper, columnist Ahmed Jumaa and columnits Adel Al-Marzooq for their distinguished press work and publications in various fields of knowledge, as well as efforts to document the progress march the kingdom is witnessing in various fields.

HRH Premier wished the press and media personnel every success in carrying out their patriotic mission of defending the nation’s security and stability, as well as supporting its efforts to achieve more progress and prosperity.

A short film highlighting HRH Premier’s support to the press and media community, as well as his unwavering interest in supporting the role of the press in pushing comprehensive development efforts forward, was screened.

Information Affairs Minister and Board of Trustees Chairman of the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD), Ali bin Mohammed Al-Romaihi, in a statement, extended deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude to HRH the Prime Minister for patronising the fourth award-distribution ceremony of the “Khalifa bin Salman Press Award”, which coincides this year with the 80th anniversary of the issuance of first Bahraini newspaper.

Al-Romaihi voiced deep pride in HRH Premier’s patronage of the prestigious award which bears a name that is dear to everyone.

The Premier’s kind gesture reflects his constant support for the National Press in its efforts to undertake its noble mission and unwavering keenness to contribute to safeguarding the nation’s security and stability, as well as increasing its achievements and gains during His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s prosperous era, he said.

He asserted that the prestigious award is a token of gratitude to the free national press and the responsible national media, which have proved, over eight decades, their commitment to professional ethics and the values of credibility, honesty, fairness and objectivity.

He affirmed that HRH Premier’s historic stances and forward-looking directives have always inspired the national press and motivated it to adhere to fairness and objectivity, defend the nation’s cultural identity and security and advocate regional and global peace.

He paid tribute to HRH Premier for his constant keenness to communicate with the press personnel and unlimited support for the press and media freedom, being an essential pillar of the kingdom’s pioneering democratic and development march.

The minister extended heartfelt congratulations to HRH Premier following the UN adoption of his initiative to announce April 5 as an International Day of Conscience.

He affirmed that HRH the Prime Minister is the “Father of everyone and a role model for belonging the nation and defending religion, Arab identity and service to humanity”, adding that HRH Premier has supported the development and reform march of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, with the backing of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Premier.

“This has made the kingdom a role model to be emulated in democratic, economic and social development, as well as in respect for human rights and political, cultural and media rights,” he said.

He emphasised that the Bahraini media will continue assuming its patriotic duties and implementing HRH Premier’s directives to all officials to adopt the open-doors policy, preserve national unity, Arab cultural identity, the values of tolerance and moderation, in addition to solidarity with brotherly GCC, Arab and Islamic countries, being the essential pillars of security, stability, progress and prosperity.

He stressed that free and responsible press and constructive media message are the main supporters of the Government Action Plan and its goals aimed at achieving security, stability and comprehensive sustainable social and economic development, under the rule of law.

He affirmed that Bahrain’s security, stability, unity and respect for its legitimate and constitutional leadership, symbols and fundamentals, as well as its inherent human and moral values, will remain red lines that cannot be breached or compromised through any media or digital platforms.

He also asserted that commitment to credibility and objectivity, promoting cordiality, tolerance and peace and adherence to Arab and Islamic identity will remain the source of strength of the Bahraini press and media.

The minister affirmed commitment to HRH Premier’s sound directives to the press to continue assuming its mission of enlightening and educating the society, supporting the national achievements, adhering to accuracy and objectivity while disseminating news and information, and standing united against whoever seeks to undermine the unity of the social fabric or threaten the security and economic situation of the kingdom.

Secretary-General of the Arab Media Forum, Madhi Al-Khamees, delivered a statement in which he lauded the “Khalifa bin Salman Press Award”, noting that HRH Premier has always been an ardent supporter of the press and media and their personnel.

He asserted that HRH Premier’s unwavering support has enabled the press and media in Bahrain to reach a prestigious status.

President of the Bahrain Journalists Association, Ahdeya Ahmed, in a statement, said that HRH the Prime Minister’s patronage of the award testifies to his constant support for the press, out of his belief in its role as a fourth estate that plays a major role in supporting the kingdom’s development efforts in various fields.

The press and media personnel extended sincere thanks and appreciation to HRH the Prime Minister for honouring them, stressing the role of the “Khalifa bin Salman Press Award” in motivating them and fostering creativity.

The list of workers in the English-speaking magazines and newspapers, who served the press and media in Bahrain, includes:

1-Gerewyn John Hopkins (a British who worked for Radio Bahrain for 40 years).

2-Ian Jeremy Fisher (a British who worked for Radio Bahrain for 39 years).

3-Meera Ravi (an Indian who worked for many magazines for 36 years).

4-Anthony David Bloomer (a British who worked for Radio Bahrain for 32 years).

5-George Middleton (a British who worked for Bahrain This Month for 30 years).

6-Ronnie Middleton (a British who founded the Gulf Daily News and worked for press for 30 years).

7-Mahmoud Rafique (a Pakistani who worked for news websites for 30 years).

8-Robert smith (a British who worked for Gulf Daily News for 20 years).

9-Sandeep Singh (an Indian who worked for Gulf Daily News for 13 years).

Source: Bahrain News Agency