Qatar Pavilion in Beijing expo wins two awards

The Qatar Pavilion has won the most prestigious awards for foreign pavilions participating in the International Horticultural Exhibition (Expo Beijing 2019).

The Qatar Pavilion won the grand award of the expo’s organising committee for the best foreign pavilion and the grand award of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).

The awards were received by the deputy commissioner-general of the Qatar Pavilion at the expo, Dr Fikra Ashkanani, at a ceremony held on the occasion where winners were honoured and awards were distributed.

Dr Ashkanani expressed her happiness at win the two awards, pointing out that the honour was the result of the collective efforts by the members of the Qatar Pavilion Committee, as well as the “great support from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment”.

Dr Ashanani added that they were overwhelmed by the honour.

Member of the Qatar Pavilion at the expo Beijing, Faisal Abdullah al-Dosari, expressed his happiness over the achievement and explained that the efforts exerted by the Qatar Pavilion Committee and the unlimited support of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment resulted in this win.

The win is an affirmation of the efforts exerted by Qatar represented by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, he added.

The Qatar Pavilion used eco-friendly materials, designed by Qatari engineer Fatima Fawzi, inspired by the Sidra tree, which enjoys the love and appreciation of the Qatari community for its qualities of strength and rigidity and ability to withstand all the difficult circumstances.

The Sidra tree remains strong and green despite drought and lack of water, which symbolises the rigidity and perseverance of Qatar to overcome all difficulties and tribulations.

Over 2mn people belonging to variouos nationalities and age groups visited the Qatar Pavilion at the expo and were impressed by this masterpiece of urban and diverse activities, which were designed specifically to suit all visitors.

The organising committee of expo Beijing had set many conditions and criteria for the evaluation of entries, and the Qatar Pavilion has met all the required criteria and deserved the grand prize.

The pavilion also won the grand prize of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), which is an organiser and licensor of the expo Beijing.

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) promotes and supports horticultural producers, organises and supervises festivals and exhibitions related to horticulture.

The association also works to stimulate the increasing demand for ornamental trees, plants and flowers worldwide, as well as to protect and promote the interests of the industry and strive to secure best practices in the production of ornamental plants.

AIPH has set several criteria for evaluating the participants, including designs, environmental protection and compliance with specific conditions, as well as ensuring the health and care of the plants grown in the pavilion, including the types of plants and their association with the local species grown in the natural environment of the participating country.

In recognition of the distinguished relations between Qatar and China, the two countries last year celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations, which is a relationship based on co-operation, as well as mutual benefits, understanding and harmony.

The pavilion will be dedicated to the Chinese side for future generations, and will be present in international forums as a symbol of bilateral friendship and co-operation between the two friendly countries.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment