QF welcomes shoppers and families to first Friday Souq at Education City

The new market in Oxygen Park is hosting a variety of stalls and activities, suitable for all members of the community, every Friday for the next seven weeks

Qatar Foundation has?held?its first?Friday Souq, with community members of all ages making their way to?Oxygen Park in Education City?to see what it has to offer.?

Visitors to the?family-friendly?market found something?to suit all?tastes, including?a diverse?range of stalls selling food, clothes,?handmade products?and other goods, as well as a children’s playground?and?an array of?activities?including?painting, coloring,?and henna. The Friday Souq also has a kids’ care facility where parents can leave their children to play while they shop.

I was keen to come to Education City to?experience?the Souq?for the first time,?because I have?visited?the Torba?Farmers?Market?at QF regularly?with my children, said Hessa?Al-Marri, a visitor to the Friday?Souq.?These?kinds?of events?always have?a pleasant atmosphere, and?Oxygen Park?is an excellent location, where various outdoor activities can be enjoyed.

“These events are an ideal opportunity for all members of the community to visit QF?and see the facilities?here,?including?the Education City?Mosque,?we look forward to coming to QF for more activities in the future.??

Abdallah?Al?Yusuf?said:?I chose to spend?part of?the weekend at the Friday?Souq?at?Oxygen Park?because it allowed me to take my family for lunch and shopping.??

Being?here in the afternoon?in?good weather?meant?we have already had a good time, and we will make sure to visit every Friday. This market is characterized by?the way it?welcomes?visitors from different age groups, offers activities to suit everyone,?has a relaxed?atmosphere, and sells a diverse range of?handmade?goods,?clothing,?and food.?It is a?good way to enjoy?a Friday.?

Catherine Thompson, who also came to the Friday Souq on its opening day,?said: Once the weather starts to?get better, families?like?take their?children outdoors, away from the shopping malls, and?parks are the best option for?them.??

In?Oxygen?Park, children have the?chance?to play in a large green space?and enjoy?different activities, and at the same time people can shop, walk around the various stalls, and eat.?It’s convenient, there are plenty of?facilities,?and it’s well-lit?in the evening.?Every time I visit?Education City,?I feel it’s a major center?for recreational and cultural events.?

The Friday Souq will be open every Friday until December 13 from 9am-9pm.?All children’s activities are free.

Source: Qatar Foundation