Derasat takes part in Beijing’s Middle East Security Forum and Signs MoU with CIIS

Manama, The Bahrain Centre for Strategic, International and Energy Studies Derasat signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the China Institute for International Studies (CIIS), as part of its recent participation in the Middle East Security Forum in Beijing.

Mr. Katadah Zaman, Executive Director of Derasat, signed the MoU on behalf of the Center, while CIIS Vice President Mr. Rong Ying signed it on behalf of the Chinese Institute.

The three-year MoU involved mutual academic and research cooperation, creating a better understanding between scholars, exchanging publications, exchanging information, participation in mutual events, and exchanging researchers under assigned short and long term academic and research tasks. The MoU also included joint research programs on issues of mutual concern, and co-organizing events on topics of mutual interest.

Mr. Zaman addressed the Middle East Security Forum on behalf of Derasat. His speech included an overview of the historic value of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s location and civilizational value to the ancient Silk Road 2000 years ago. The Kingdom’s modern status and accomplishments add to its geographic value to help revive the old heritage that awaits Arab-Sino nurturing.

He assured the Forum that The Kingdom, under the wise leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, is an example of resolve that supports unity through diversity, aiming to support the foundations of democratic practices and the people’s participation. This process, Zaman said, is maintained by the separation of authorities; observing justice, sustainability, and competitiveness derived from the 2030 Economic Vision; the inclusion of all groups from all walks of life, including women and youth; in line with the values of tolerance and citizenship.

The Executive Director described how Bahrain takes pride in its diversity, seeks to prevent extremism with tolerance, fight terrorism with compassion, and fundamentalism with development. He asserted the crucial cooperation between the international community to protect people from terrorism, extremism, and hatred; and protect noble human and progressive values.

Source: Bahrain News Agency