Group of Friends of Bahrain in the European Parliament launched

Brussels, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Kingdom of Denmark, and representative to the European Union and NATO, Dr. Bahia Jawad Al Jishi, announced the launch of the Group of Friends of Bahrain in the European Parliament for the second time, aimed at exploring and developing various fields of cooperation for the benefit of both sides.

This came as the Ambassador hosted a working lunch, the first of the activities of the Group of Friends of Bahrain, which includes a number of members of the European Parliament from various European countries and political groups.

The Chairman of the Group of Friends of Bahrain, praised the formation of the group, stressing that the Kingdom of Bahrain is an important ally of the European Union, a politically, intellectually and culturally advanced country and an oasis of stability in a region facing many challenges.

The Ambassador valued the representatives ‘joining of the Friends of Bahrain group and pointed to the invitation extended by Bahrain Parliament Speaker Fawzia Abdullah Zainal to the Head of the European Parliament, Mr. David Sassoli, to visit the Kingdom of Bahrain.

She pointed to the existence of many false information about the political and security situation in the Kingdom of Bahrain coming from some non-governmental organizations that serve personal agendas that reach the members of the Parliament, on which they build unfair positions against the Kingdom of Bahrain.

She called on MPs to verify the information received and seek the right information from trustworthy sources before adopting stances built on incorrect data and messages.

Al Jishi Indicated that the presence of the friends of Bahrain in the European Parliament is an important step to present a positive image of the Kingdom of Bahrain based on facts and accurate information.

The European MPs supported the approach and the need to verify the received information and seek accurate information from official sources.

The Ambassador answered many questions posed by MPs in various fields, including questions in the field of human rights, as she emphasized that the human rights file is receiving great attention and the kingdom has made tremendous achievements in this area.

She also briefed them on the progress made in the economic, cultural and social fields, including women empowerment, welcoming the exchange of visits between Bahraini parliamentarians and members of the Group of Friends at the European Parliament to exchange views and discuss issues of mutual interest in a frank and transparent manner.

Source: Bahrain News Agency