Adoption to 5G serves as a catalyst to economic digitization

Manama, The adoption of 5G coupled with exploring the huge potential in Internet of Things (IoT) can be a catalyst to the economic growth and development of Bahrain and the entire region.

We have a duty to unearth all possible beneficial uses of 5G and IoT and tap into the immense potential, which can catalyze Bahrain’s as well as the region’s progress in the age of the digital economy, Shaikh Nasser bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, Acting General Director of TRA Bahrain, told the participants of the first SAMENA Convergence to Bahrain 2020 Conference.

The event featured series of panel discussions and workshops, with primary focus on the region’s readiness for 5G technology and IoT, identify opportunities and address potential challenges for alignment of regulatory and policy needs in line with the requirements of the private sector.

In his keynote speech, Shaikh Nasser outlined the relevance of IoT and 5G technology and how it will impact the future with possible solutions to education, health, water scarcity, and others, with embedded numerous benefits of technology evolution, which in return brings efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Convergence to Bahrain 2020 brought together major private-sector industry players across the Terrestrial, Satellite, and Technology domains and regionally renowned top executives to the conference.

The more we delve into exploring 5G and the myriad of possibilities it can create in combination with IoT, the more practical use-cases surface, justifying the need to incentivize 5G investments at both network and service levels. Autonomous vehicles, smart grids, autonomous farming; the applications are endless, and the world is exploring them as we speak, at a rapid pace,” he said, adding that such powerful network capacity and speed would revolutionize the concept of use of technology and its economic benefits.

“SAMENA Council is grateful to the TRA for making it possible to bring SAMENA Council’s Members to Bahrain, to focus on an industry subject which has become among the most important ones, lately,” said Bocar BA CEO SAMENA Council, who also appreciated the TRA for hosting the conference.

SAMENA Council’s interest in conducting a 5G and IoT conference in Bahrain was driven by multiple factors, including the Kingdom’s increasing readiness to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution underway; a business-friendly environment that encourages international businesses and top executives to visit the Kingdom; and, under the TRA’s watch, a continued focus on sustainable investments in digital technology infrastructure. Bahrain ranks among the most mature ICT markets in the whole of the SAMENA region and it is a comfortable destination for conducting business-centric industry meetings that require multiple stakeholders with varying profiles to convene together.

The Convergence to Bahrain conference consisted of a variety of panel discussions, focusing on regional 5G implementation, technology use-cases for the terrestrial and satellite industry in the 5G space, including IoT, financing models to aid 5G investments and network implementation, and open discussion steered toward understanding the future of 5G connectivity, collaboration, and regulation.

The Conference was an effort for exchanging insights on key IoT trends and use-cases that are made possible with 5G network deployments and to draw focus on the role that operators can and should take in leading the way in 5G-enabled IoT applications and digital services in regional as well as specific country contexts, including market-specific monetization opportunities available to operators going beyond traditional data packages.

Participation in Convergence to Bahrain conference was open to the industry and top professionals from adjacent sectors, sharing interest and expertise in 5G and IoT. Major regional industry players, including Batelco Group, stc Group, Zain Group, Orange MEA, AT&T, Arabsat, Huawei, among others, took frontal role in the conference. Leading Bahraini private-sector and public-sector companies also participated in the Convergence conference.

A special in-depth session on Bahrain’s 5G implementation and its revolutionary capabilities, including IoT and investment models led by stc Bahrain will highlight how Bahraini operators will monetize 5G & IoT given the regional and local digital transformation needs.

Source: Bahrain News Agency