Dike announces plan for overseas expansion of its “12K Wide View”

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In 2020, Dike Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jong Yeol) is planning for overseas expansion of its core content “12K Wide View”. Specifically, it is planning on hosting the “Eurovision song contest” in panorama and 8K VR live streaming in Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Furthermore, by participating in international exhibitions and other efforts, they plan to market the Dike panorama technology internationally.

Plans to expand 12K panorama live broadcast overseas with the core content

With the advent of the 5G era, it has become difficult to form a new content market in the environment for realistic content.

In response, Dike, aiming for a new combination of content, is drawing attention due to its 12K panorama video content based on the “Wide View” multi-camera technology and unique production technology and experience.

The Wide View makes panoramic broadcasts of sports, concerts, and other events possible. Furthermore, through media façade, media walls, and large screens for panorama, it can provide a realistic feeling of being present at the scene and can also work on 5G mobile phones.

Dike was created by video developers working with Stereo Scopic 3D focuses on realistic content and related technologies.

As specialists in 4K, 8K, S3D, 8KVR, 12K panorama (henceforth 12K Wide View) live broadcasts and video development, the company has professional workers in the multi-camera sphere, including the StereoScopic 3D. Currently, they are working on “Wide View,” a 12Kx2K super high-resolution panorama realistic content production.

In 2014, they started as “Dike3D,” and in 2015, they changed to “Dike Co., Ltd.” Since Dike’s establishment in 2015, the “Surround viewing” concerts with SM Entertainment are being screened at the COEX SM Atium Surround Viewing theatre.

Furthermore, Dike is showing a rapid growth in this field, as evidenced by their panorama promotional videos during the 2018 PyeongChang ICT Olympics and the 2019 5GX “Wide View” live broadcast of Korean professional baseball to commemorate SK Telecom’s launching of 5G.

Currently, Dike is conducting an LOI (letter of intent) with the Netherlands national research institute “TNO” regarding the panorama technology and in May 2020, they plan to screen the “Eurovision Song Contest,” viewed by over 200 million viewers each year, in panorama and 8K VR in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Dike’s key achievements for 2019 include live streaming with SKT 5GX professional baseball. Dike, which has prepared realistic content and live broadcasting through joint research with Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute since before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, is the result of expecting and preparing for the beneficial impacts of 5G communications on the 12K high-resolution Wide View. Through these efforts, Dike has claimed the title of the best in the super high-resolution Wide View live streaming field.

CEO Kim Jong Yeol said “We have always thought that realistic content production technology is like the seasoning that enhances the content and we strive for the perfect combination of story and creative technology,” and that “we will continue to explore new technologies and challenges in the realistic content business.”

Media contact: Team manager Shin Hyo Jun/ +82 10 -3325-3366

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