Malta suspends travel links with Italy

Valletta, Malta has stopped all flights with Italy and the catamaran service to neighboring Sicily will be used only to carry medicine and cargo.

Prime Minister Robert Abela told an emergency news conference in the early hours of Tuesday at Castille that all flights between Malta and Italy were suspended with immediate effect.

According to local reports, a cruise liner scheduled to enter the capital Valletta from Sicily on Tuesday morning was barred from entering port.

The decisions follow the announcement by the government in Italy of a national lockdown and the registration of the fourth case of coronavirus in Malta on Monday evening.

Like the three previous cases, the fourth case is related to an individual who recently travelled to north Italy.

Following up on earlier appeal by the government for calm and for everyone to act responsibly, Abela who took office as Malta’s 14th Prime Minister on January 13, told the conference that people should continue with their daily routines and report to work and that schools would remain open.

Source: Bahrain News Agency