Easing up fight against COVID-19 will spell danger, Kuwait ministry’s official warns

Kuwait, The slightest sign of easing up in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) will spell danger and catastrophe for the

Kuwaiti society, said an official.

In a press conference, Health Ministry Spokesman Dr. Adullah Al-Sanad affirmed that individuals and institutions have a shared responsibility in protecting society from the menace of coronavirus, indicating that so far, measures carried out in Kuwait call for optimism and hope.

He pointed out that all Kuwait’s members of the health force are following the proper protocols in addressing any situation connected with COVID-19, indicating that efforts were successful in managing the crisis.

The Ministry of Health is also keen on following the global coronavirus updates and seeking experiences in better handling the virus.

In regards to the international efforts to halt the spread of the virus, the spokesman said that recovery rates around the globe were improving as nations continue to reinforce more countermeasures. Some 156 countries have confirmed cases of coronavirus and 169,000 people worldwide are infected, he said.

Infections and recoveries are in a tight race and hopefully efforts would succeed in vanquishing coronavirus, said the spokesman.

Source: Bahrain News Agency