Experts: $1 Billion Cut in US Aid to Afghanistan Will Have Serious Implications

WASHINGTON – While the government of President Ashraf Ghani downplays the repercussions of a potential $1 billion cut in U.S. aid to Afghanistan, ordinary Afghans and experts warn the country… Read more

QOC extends suspension of all local sport activities until 14th of April

Doha, The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) announced that it has extended the suspension of all local sport activities and events until the 14th April to ensure more  safety for  all… Read more

Coronavirus roundup: No Canadians with symptoms can board planes

Toronto, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to board domestic flights or intercity trains. Trudeau said the new requirement will begin… Read more

NCC: Repatriation flight scheduled for citizens in Doha arriving from Iran tomorrow

Manama, ┬ęThe National Communication Centre (NCC) confirmed that, in light of the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Kingdom of Bahrain has initiated the International COVID-19 Repatriation Programme (ICRP) for… Read more

COVID-19 Likely to Exact a Heavy Toll Among the Malnourished, Sick, and Poor in Africa

The Continent’s Relatively Young Population Is Likely to Be a Mitigating Factor, but Constrained Health Systems and a High Incidence of Malnutrition and Such Conditions as HIV and Tuberculosis Will… Read more
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