Ashghal starts the development of Fereej Al Ali Intersection (Al Tadamon Intersection) on D Ring Road and converting it into a two-level Intersection

​The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces the start of implementing the upgrading  works of Fereej Al Ali Intersection  known as (Al Tadamon Intersection), as part of the D Ring Road development works and converting the traffic signal into a two-level intersection which will enhance traffic capacity and reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Fereej Al Ali Intersection connects traffic between the D Ring Road and Rawdat Al Khail Street, where the development work will include the construction of a tunnel with three lanes in each direction to provide free traffic on D Ring Road to reduce congestion in front of those coming from the D Ring Road in the direction of Doha Expressway and 22 February Street. The traffic signal intersection will also be improved, by increasing the number of lanes from three to four lanes in each direction at the intersection with Rawdat Al Khail Street, which will greatly increase the capacity of the intersection and provide a traffic flow.

Traffic Diversion

In order to allow the implementation of the development works at Fereej Al Ali Intersection, Ashghal will implement a partial closure on Fereej Al Ali Intersection on D Ring Road for a period of six months, starting on Friday morning, 11 September 2020, to allow the development of the vital intersection within the D Ring Road development project.

Traffic closure on Rawdat Al Khail Street in both directions and left turns in the direction of D Ring Road opening right turns at the intersection. Traffic will also be kept open on D Ring Road and the left turns will be closed in the direction of Rawdat Al Khail Street. Two traffic signals have also been developed on D Ring Road to facilitate U-turns for road-users to reach their destinations in all directions.

Upgrading works on Lulu Intersection:

It is worth mentioning that Ashghal has already begun to develop the intersection known as the Lulu junction, where traffic signals intersection will be improved, by allowing free flow of traffic coming from the Airport Road intersection, towards Fereej Al Ali Intersection along the D Ring Road while keeping the traffic signal in the other direction.

Nuaija Intersection (Mall Intersection):

Ashghal is also working to improve Nuaija junction, known as the Mall Intersection, where work will include improving the intersection by increasing the number of lanes on D Ring Road to four lanes in each direction, thereby increasing the traffic capacity of the intersection.

Benefits of D Ring Road Upgrading Project:

In order to improve traffic at the main intersections of D Ring Road to provide a free traffic flow, Ashghal will increase the number of routes at both the Fereej Al Ali Intersection (known as Al Tadamon Intersection) and the Nuaija Intersection and provide free traffic at the intersection known as Lulu intersection, which will enhance the traffic capacity of the intersections and reduce traffic congestion in the area, especially on the  Fereej Al Ali Intersection of Freij Al Ali (known as (known as Al Tadamon Intersection) which  currently witnesses heavy traffic volume, It is planned that the entire project will be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The improvements that will be implemented within the project also include developing rainwater drainage networks to raise the efficiency of drainage networks in the area, by constructing a tunnel to drain rainwater with a total length of about 3.5 km.

The project works will also include the implementation of shared pedestrian and cycling paths along the 4.5 km D-Ring Road on both sides in addition to afforestation woks throughout the project.

The Qatari heritage of the area surrounding the project, known as Rawdat Al Khail, was considered during the design phase of the tunnel, which will be built as part of the project, murals inspired by the Qatari heritage will be featured inside the tunnel.


Source: Ashghal

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