One-day closure on Civil Defense Intersection and parts of Al Rumeila Street and Onaiza Street

​The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces a temporary closure of part of Onaiza Street in the direction from the Civil Defense Intersection towards Gulf Interchange, at 500 meters before the Gulf Interchange, in addition to the closure of part of the Civil Defense Intersection in the same direction for road users wishing to continue straight on Onaiza Street towards the Gulf Interchange, as well as for those wishing to turn left from Mohamed bin Thani Street towards Onaiza Street. The closure of Rumeila Street will also be implemented in the direction from Al Bidaa Street to Onaiza Street.

This traffic change to be implemented on Friday, 11 September 2020 until Saturday 12 September 2020 in coordination with the Traffic Department, will enable completion of final asphalt layers as part of B Ring Road Development Project.

During this closure, motorists coming from Wadi Al Sail or Onaiza Streets and wishing to go to Gulf Interchange, will be required to continue on Mohamed bin Thani Street then turn left towards Sahim bin Hamad Street then turn left towards Al Rayyan Road to reach Gulf Interchange and continue towards their destinations.

As for motorists coming from Al Bidda Street and wishing to turn right towards Al Rumeila Street, they are required to continue straight towards Al Bidda Roundabout then turn right towards Al Diwan Street then right towards Al Rayyan Road to reach Gulf Interchange and continue to their destinations.

While ensuring proper traffic signage at the closure and diversions, Ashghal calls on all road users to adhere to the permitted speed limits and to follow traffic signboards to ensure safety of all.


Source: Ashghal

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