Traffic Diversion at Islamic Museum Intersection

​The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces implementing a traffic diversion of 400 meters long at the Islamic Museum Intersection on Corniche Street. Effective from Friday 4th December, traffic at the intersection will be diverted to a parallel road consisting of three lanes in both directions and the traffic signals will be cancelled. This diversion implemented in coordination with the Traffic Department will last for a period of 10 months.

This diversion is to facilitate implementation of infrastructure development and beautification works on Corniche, as part of project for development and beautification in Downtown Doha – Package Two.

During the diversion period, commuters heading towards Jabor bin Mohammed Street from Sharg Intersection (Ras Abu Abboud Bridge) and from the Museum of Islamic Art, will have to go ahead and take U turn from the next intersection to reach their destinations.

Ashghal ensures proper traffic signage at the new diversion, and requests all road users to adhere to the permitted speed limits and to follow traffic signs to ensure safety of all.


Source: Ashghal

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