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GAC MOTOR Makes a Statement With Grand Opening of Its New Showroom in Jordan, Paving the Way for Deeper Penetration of Middle Eastern Market

GUANGZHOU, China, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On February 21, GAC MOTOR officially opened its authorized showroom in Jordan, attracting more than 400 pre-launch test drives. The event also witnessed the first unveiling of the GAC smart key watch to the Jordanian market. The sophisticated and complementary melding of smart wearables with car functions attracted much attention from both the media and consumers alike.

The opening ceremony was conducted in-store and broadcast live globally on the company’s official website and through local official websites and social media. Mr. Nihad, a board member of the ALAYYAN group, and Mr. Zaro, an influential automobile media expert, attended the ceremony. This was the first instance of a global showroom opening streamed live from Jordan.

Mr. NIHAD, a board member of the ALAYYAN group

Mr. NIHAD has exuded complete confidence in the development of GAC MOTOR in Jordan, and said, “We are thrilled with the showroom opening of GAC MOTOR, a leader in the Chinese automotive industry, and is sure to add diversity to the Jordanian market with their high quality and high-value vehicles.”

Jordan is one of the first overseas markets to introduce the GAC smart key watch. With the Smart Key Watch, functions such as controlling car doors, engines and windows can all be easily accomplished, removing the hassle of handling car keys. Additionally, the Smartwatch can also function as a “Smart Manager”, monitoring our health and exercise, recording our appointments, becoming our lifestyle secretary, helping us manage our life from the comforts of our wrists.

A trustworthy automobile media expert, Mr. Zaro is deeply respected in Jordan. At the opening ceremony, he gave a comprehensive analysis on GAC MOTOR’s flagship model – the SUV GS8. During the test drive, this car expert was won over by the cross-country capacity that the GS8 exhibits on Jordan’s great variety of surfaces.

With the opening of this authorized store in Jordan, a cornerstone has been established in GAC MOTOR’s far-reaching plans to develop and grow in the Middle East region. Going forward, GAC MOTOR will continue to bring high-quality products and services to Jordan, bringing an enjoyable automotive lifestyle to the Jordanian consumers and winning hearts as a brand of choice.

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