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Lysando AG and AMICOGEN Inc. forge a strategic partnership

BALZERS, Liechtenstein and JINJU, South Korea, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The fight against the rise of resistant bacteria and the global antibiotic-crisis is enforced and accelerated with the strategic partnership of AMICOGEN and Lysando AG. The two specialist’s partnership creates decisive synergies.

Lysando is the global leader in the development of antimicrobial proteins. The so-called Artilysin®s replace antibiotics, particularly against highly resistant bacteria. On top Artilysin®s are employed to restore and optimise the natural human microbiome.

The public quoted Korean company AMICOGEN is a leading manufacturer of technical enzymes and has well established distribution channels in Asia, including China. For both partners this close cooperation serves their long-term goals well.

“Due to the close cooperation and exchange on know-how in regards to the highly specialised manufacturing we reduce the costs and the time to market for our licensees. In addition, this alliance opens the Artilysin® technology access to the Asian markets. As a result, we accelerate the conversion of our R&D achievements into market products,” says the President of Lysando AG, Count Markus Matuschka de Greiffenclau.

Due to the strategic partnership with AMICOGEN, Lysando offers its licensees the entire process from the development of Artilysin®s, to scale-up and “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP).

“We are enthusiastic about the Artilysin® technology, because Artilysin® offers a feasible solution to the global problem of resistant bacteria. We are determined to invest into an Artilysin® production facility. In addition, AMICOGEN acquired a license for the Artilysin® based wound-spray for Asia. With this acquisition we will step-up our value creation chain in Asia, including the Chinese market.” remarks the President of AMICOGEN, Yong Chul Shin.

Both partners cooperating on the solution of the antibiotic’s crises will show impact.

About Amicogen Inc.

Amicogen, Inc., (KOSDAQ: 092040.KQ)  develops, produces and markets specialty enzymes and functional food ingredients. The company offers special biocatalysts, enzyme-based new functional materials, health foods, and consumer products.

About Lysando AG

Lysando AG is market-leader for antimicrobial proteins, so-called Artilysin®s.

Artilysin®s are a new class of molecules which show a high resistance stability and are at the same time microbiome – and environmentally friendly. Artilysin®s can be employed in all fields bacteria present a problem like Medical Devices, Human Pharmaceutics, Animal Health and Consumer Care.


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