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‫”سي وورلد أبوظبي” في جزيرة ياس سيحتضن أكبر حوض مائي في العالم

–     الحوض المائي في ال مدينة المتخصّصة في الحياة البحرية سيضمّ 68,000 كائن بحري بما في ذلك أسماك القرش وأسراب الأسماك وأسماك مانتا راي والسلاحف البحرية –     اكتمال نسبة 64% من أعمال التطوير في مدينة “سي وورلد أبوظبي” –       “سي وورلد أبوظبي”   ينضم لجهود “سي وورلد” الممتدة على مدى 55 عاماً بدعم الأبحاث المتعلقة […]

Press Release

GameChange Solar Completes Largest Solar Tracker Project in India for Tata Power

NORWALK, Conn., Aug. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, GameChange Solar announced the completion of its first Genius Tracker™ project in India. This 394 MW project is located 110 km from Ahmedabad, the capital city of the State of Gujarat. This solar plant is expected to supply clean solar power to the equivalent of 376,000 households. GameChange Solar is […]


UAE sends 100,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to Philippines

The UAE dispatched an aircraft, which arrived in the Philippines’ capital of Manila today, carrying medical supplies, including 100,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses, as part of the UAE’s ongoing efforts to support countries in containing the COVID-19 pandemi…


US Getting Civilian Personnel Out of Kabul

Just weeks away from completing its military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United States is sending thousands of combat troops back to Kabul in a last-ditch attempt to move diplomatic personnel and Afghan allies out of harm’s way.The move, announced…