29 Simulation Tests of Operational Works in Preparation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

With the countdown to Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces the implementation of 29 intensive simulation tests of operational works and plans to facilitate road traffic.

Operational plans prior to the tournament

The necessary operational plans for the road network were developed for all areas surrounding the stadiums in coordination with the concerned entities. The plans were updated according to the lessons learned from previous events related to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 such as FIFA Arab Cup, Club World Cup, Amir Cup, and Lusail Super Cup Final that took place last September.

Ashghal in cooperation with the General Traffic Directorate has developed rapid response plans through their roads and drainage teams who are working around the clock, equipped with the necessary equipment to deal with any emergency on the road that may obstruct traffic.

Asphalt roads are surveyed and rehabilitated, while testing all road assets that serve the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, including: asphalt condition, directional signs, safety barriers, drainage networks, street lighting, pedestrian crossing paths, tunnels, traffic lights and other road elements to ensure their readiness. With the tournament approaching these tests are intensified on a weekly basis.

Simulation tests

To ensure the readiness of all teams to deal with traffic on the road during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a team of Qatari engineers and experts is establishing and implementing tests for hypothetical scenarios (simulation tests) for road emergencies around the hosting stadiums, in cooperation with various entities, such as the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and the General Traffic Department.

These scenarios include various events that could happen on the roads, especially during important events. The hypothetical scenarios include the possibility of a vital tunnel being closed due to a traffic accident or an unexpected amount of rain. These exercises aim to reveal the readiness of Ashghal, the concerned entities and contractors to respond to these emergencies and ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians. In addition to providing a free traffic flow on the roads and facilitate the fans commute process during the tournament events.

A joined work team between Ashghal and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy is experimenting with a simulation test for the traffic diversion plan and the movement of buses around stadiums to ensure its effectiveness during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in coordination with the General Traffic Department.

Since the beginning of 2022, more than 29 simulation tests have been implemented, and more scenarios are being completed until mid-November in preparation for the big event and to provide an incredible experience for visitors while enhancing the safety and traffic flow.

Road Management Center

Dedicated teams of engineers, experts and operators in the Roads Management Center (RMC) at Ashghal headquarters are working to manage the traffic on the roads leading to each stadium. Road networks are monitored using surveillance cameras and smart systems that allows them to locate congestion zones and accidents during the tournament. Based on the follow-up reports, coordination is made with the contractors and the concerned entities in the country, including the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Traffic Department, to work on returning traffic to normal immediately.

Teams from the Roads Management Center are closely assisting the National Command Center (NCC) of the Ministry of Interior and the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, led by the Transport & Traffic Coordination Centre (TTCC), through advanced CCTV cameras and traffic control systems to ensure free traffic flow on the road during and after the events, with the aim of providing an incredible experience for visitors.

Ashghal’s rainy season preparations

Ashghal, in coordination with Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, is provided with updated information of the weather which helps Ashghal’s team to follow up on the situation and take quick actions to deal with the situation.

In addition to taking the most important proactive measures and necessary procedures to eliminate any water accumulation on roads, the Drainage network operation and maintenance teams in Ashghal is implementing a maintenance plan for the rain drainage network and gullies in various areas in the country and continuously monitor them to ensure their efficient operation.

In addition to establishing emergency teams to provide quick responses and the necessary support in the case of rain or any disruption in the service, especially in the areas surrounding stadiums and tournament facilities. The authority will monitor customer feedback in the areas surrounding the stadiums through Ashghal’s channels, most importantly, the mobile application, Call Center 188 and various social media platforms, in order to provide quick response. In addition to activating the Rain Emergency Room to monitor drainage networks around the clock.

Additionally, Ashghal developed a procedure to deal with rainwater accumulations by identifying and preparing potential rain accumulation zones and providing them with the necessary equipment and mechanisms before the start of rainy season to speed up the response. Plans are updated according to change of events to deal with it with high efficiency and ensure the safety of the public during the tournament.

The plan to distribute equipment and staff in various zones in the country is being implemented under the supervision of Qatari leaders. That is in cooperation with the contractors of the drainage networks framework contract “Takamul”, which divides drainage works in Qatar into three regions (North, South and West).

Source: Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’

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