Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre continues to successfully treat six cancer patients using Bone Marrow Transplant Treatment

The Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre (ADSCC) continues its implementation of the Abu Dhabi Bone Marrow Transplant program (AD-BMT) which it introduced in July 2020.
So far, a total of six patients with blood malignancies have been successfully treated and are recovering well.

Initiated by ADSCC, the AD-BMT programme was established to provide the highest standard of care in the field of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplant.

Admittance into the programme started in early August 2020, and has included patients with different types of blood malignancies including Multiple Myeloma, Plasma Cell Leukemia, Large Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma and Hodgkin Lymphoma. The treatment duration has varied for each patient, ranging from 19 days to up to one month.

The programme’s exemplary clinical results have enabled ADSCC to seek international accreditation for the programme. ADSCC is going further and taking a comprehensive approach to ensure the proper use and implementation of technology, sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and a commitment to innovation and translational research. This approach sets a template for the programme that would facilitate its expansion to offer other procedures and treatments.

As such, the AD-BMT program continues to admit patients for treatment and will soon expand capacity to be able to treat more than one patient simultaneously, with the larger goal of being able to treat not only patients with hematological conditions, but also patients with autoimmune diseases and primary immune deficiencies.


Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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