Adoption of Data Entry Mechanism of New Buildings

The Center for Geographic Information Systems(CGIS), at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), adopted the data entry mechanism of new buildings in the country for the installation of “My Address” signs, after the Center installed signs for all existing buildings in the country, which are around 125 thousand building.

The new mechanism relies on adding the data of the newly constructed buildings to the digital geographic database and the installed sign, in agreement with all municipalities in the country.

In the same context, the Center has begun the second phase implementation of the project, which includes signs’ installation of villas in residential complexes, apartments and offices within buildings and shops. This came after the Center completed the establishment of a digital geographical database of addresses in the State, which accurately determines the location of all buildings on the digital maps, and that has multiple applications which are useful on the national level.

Source: Government of Qatar

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