Al Qattan: Bahraini pilgrims settled in Mount Arafat

Makkah al-Mukarramah, Bahraini pilgrims have settled at Mount Arafat to perform the main ritual of Hajj, Shaikh Adnan Mohammed Al Qattan, Head of Bahrain’s Hajj Mission, said.

He confirmed that the settlement process proceeded smoothly and easily.

Shaikh Al Qattan praised the exceptional efforts of Saudi Arabia in organising the movement of pilgrims and their ascent to Mount Arafat through an advanced system of services.

He said that the pilgrims of the Bahraini campaigns began arriving at Arafat at midnight, where they were received by the mission’s teams. He expressed his deep appreciation to the members of the Security Committee, the Medical Committee, the Engineering Planning Committee, the Campaigns and Pilgrims Relations Committee, and the Scouts Team who attended to the pilgrims of the kingdom over the night.

He added that the mission is prepared for organising the movement of the pilgrims to Muzdalifah at sunset today, in cooperation with the Bahraini campaigns.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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