ANOC Executive Council receives positive feedback from ANOC World Beach Games Qatar 2019 Debrief

Lausanne, The ANOC Executive Council today met in Lausanne with the debrief of the ANOC World Beach Games Qatar 2019 a key item on a full agenda focused on important initiatives developed to benefit National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

Following the conclusion of the Games in October 2019, ANOC conducted a comprehensive debrief with the participating NOCs and International Federations (IFs) as well as with the Olympic Channel and Organising Committee staff. While it was acknowledged there was room for improvement, the feedback from the NOCs and the IFs was very positive. A total of 68 NOCs provided feedback along with all 13 IFs.

ANOC Acting President Robin Mitchell said:

Today’s Executive Council meeting was very productive with a lot of constructive debate on many key topics of great importance to the NOCs. We were very happy with the feedback we got from the NOCs and the IFs about the ANOC World Beach Games. We know there is plenty of room for improvement and the feedback we received was invaluable in helping us plan for the future as we aim to work with our partners to realise the Games’ huge potential.”

ANOC is committed to providing the very best possible support to our NOCs and their athletes and in this important Olympic year we will continue to ensure that their interests are represented and protected.”

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee

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