Arab League calls on UN Security Council to adopt resolution obligating occupation to stop genocide in Gaza

Cairo, The Council of the League of Arab States called on the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution obligating Israeli occupation to stop the ongoing genocidal war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the 153rd day in a row and the attempts to forcibly displace them from their land, and to ensure the entry of relief aid into the entire Strip.

At the conclusion of its 161st regular session at the level of foreign ministers, the Council stressed the need for the decision to include enforcement of the temporary measures contained in the order of the International Court of Justice on January 26.

The Council condemned the US repeated use of the veto to prevent the Security Council from issuing a resolution to stop the aggression.

The Council warned of the occupation’s scheme to forcibly displace more than one and a half million Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, after they were internally displaced as a result of the aggression and pushed to move to the far south of the Strip.

The Council af
firmed the importance of implementing the decision of the recent Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and impose the entry of Arab, Islamic and international humanitarian aid convoys by land, sea and air, including food, medicine and fuel, to the entire Strip immediately.

The Council condemned the continued crimes of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, which constitute a persistent crime of genocide.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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