Sheikh Ahmad bin Nooh Al-Thani appointed as a new QEFMP Secretary General

DOHA – The board of Qatar Equestrian Federation and Modern Pentathlon (QEFMP) has appointed Sheikh Ahmad bin Nooh Al-Thani as its a new Secretary General , replacing  Mr. Ali Yousef Al Rumaihi .

This appointment decision has issued in accordance to  the statute of the Qatar Equestrian Federation and Modern Pentathlon (QEFMP)

In a  post- appointment  statement,  Sheikh Ahmad  bin  Nooh  Al-Thani appreciated efforts of  former secretary General Ali Al Romaihi saying he was most effective in developing equestrian sport in the country. He also thanked QEFMP for its confidence in him to take the office during the upcoming period.

“ Our  key objective over the  next period is to  promote equestrian,  taking this beloved sport to new standards of excellence and raising the scale of success at the local, regional and international competitions” said Sheikh Ahmad.

“ Qatar is a sport  loving community, its  people have a wide and  lasting legacy with equestrian  since long time ago. Today our nation built up a better world class sport infrastructure that why we will spare no effort to develop equestrian for generation to come” added Sheikh Ahmad.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee

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