Buy and Sell Bitcoin and USDT in Dubai Made Simple by Pallapay

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2021 / One should know of Pallapay if they want to buy and sell bitcoin or any crypto in Dubai with cash, accept crypto payment for his business and get fiat in his bank account or spend in crypto.Acces-

It is almost unavoidable not to hear about cryptocurrencies during the day.

As the talks grow, so does the FOMO making people trying to find their way into the crypto world, whether by trading or by creating their own digital asset. The number of new coins is increasing by day, and for ordinary people it may be overwhelming. There are different recommendations, projects, advices and questions in any crypto related conversation.

Which coin is a good investment? Which coin is good to hold? What is the project behind a coin? How to cash out crypto? Is it possible to buy crypto with cash?

Pallapay is the answer to all the aforementioned questions and much more.

Pallapay is the only legal cryptocurrency OTC in Dubai, UAE, providing variety of crypto related services. Operating since 2018, Pallapay was awarded The Most Trusted Crypto Projected 2021 in Crypto Expo Dubai.

The Cryptocurrency OTC exchange provided by Pallapay makes buy and sell of bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies very simple and reliable.

Whether buying or selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC or any other cryptocurrency in Dubai With Cash, Pallapay provides it with a small fee.

It is possible to buy with any amount of cash or sell and get cash in any of Pallapay branches in Dubai, with AED, USD, EUR and GBP. The process is easy few steps.

customers can always check the prices on Pallapay website, walk in to any of the branches with a valid ID or Passport and buy or sell their crypto. Pallapay also provides cash delivery for crypto sold on

A close look into the top coins in the market with solid and innovative fundamentals reveals that most of them are providing technologies within the infrastructure of the crypto world, making it quite hard for the end users to understand why they should invest in them. There are very few cryptocurrencies which their projects serve the end users directly.

Pallapay is one of the few companies that is constantly bringing new technologies to the world with their main focus on payment services. A deep investigation into Pallapay and its projects shows that their creative team has a high knowledge of the blockchain technology and at the same time are very well aware of end user needs.

Open an Account with Pallapay and Apply for Any of Its Services

Pallapay (PALLA) Token is their digital asset created in May, 2021 with the purpose of using it in transactions. It is already available for trading in many exchanges such as Coinsbit, Dex-Trade, Vindax, CatEx, etc. Live price and information on PALLA can be checked through Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Pay with Cryptocurrency Anywhere Anytime

Pallapay has designed a crypto payment gateway and a crypto POS machine for the first time in the world that supports any coin on any network, supporting 100+ currencies. It is available for E-commerce and retail businesses all over the globe with 0% fee. Merchants get paid in crypto and they can receive the crypto in their wallet or fiat in their bank account on the spot.

Spend Crypto on The Go

Customers can apply for a physical or virtual Pallapay Prepaid MasterCard or UnionPay card on and top up their card with PALLA, and use their card for every day spending.

Crypto Management and Access

Pallapay Decentralized Wallet App provides store, swap, buy and sell of any crypto on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron blockchain including Crypto-to-Crypto, Crypto-to-Fiat and Fiat-to-Crypto. When users sell their crypto using the Pallapay Wallet App, they can transfer their balance to local or international bank accounts and cash out at Pallapay branches.

Pallapay Is a Good Investment

With just a few of Pallapay services mentioned above, and by visiting their website and reading more about Pallapay projects and forecast, one can be rest assured that Pallapay is one of the solid investments that one can have for a very near future.

Company Name: Pallapay
Phone: +971 4 426 4781
Address: Office P402, The Binary by Omniyat, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

SOURCE: Pallapay


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