Dakar Rally 2020: cancelation of eighth stage of two-wheeled and four-wheel motorcycles classes for death of Portuguese motorcycle rider Paulo Goncalves

Riyadh, The organizers of the Dakar Rally decided to cancel the eighth special stage for the two-wheel and two-wheeled motorcycle classes, after meeting with the riders and taking a decision to consult all riders in the Dakar Rally, due to the death of their Portuguese colleague, bike rider Paulo Goncalves, after he fell from his motorcycle during the seventh stage. (Riyadh – Wadi Al-Dawasir).

The eighth stage was scheduled to take place in a closed track around Wadi Al-Dawasir.

The decision to cancel the eighth stage was taken in order to allow the riders to express their sorrow and grief over the death of their friend. The contestants will return to the race starting from the ninth stage.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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