Dawson and Algarni LLC. Sets Goal For Gulf State Expansion

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dawson and Algarni LLC. is a public relations company that specializes in Arabic and English Multimedia Communications. They create researched based public relations campaigns that help clients reach their targeted audience.

“Our company is comprised of not only public relations professionals, but experts in international relations. Dawson and Algarni LLC. works with clients to create campaigns that resonate with their targeted publics. For example, if you were trying to sell your product to Millennials and Generation Z, it would look much different than one developed for older generations.  However, it is equally important to continually monitor consumer feedback as it helps our clients retain business and grow. Gathering research data and then not utilizing it to drive sales growth is a waste of time. Consumer sentiment gives insight to the business owner. It is an opportunity to realize areas that need improvement, or what your business has done right to gain consumer satisfaction,” said a company spokesman.

Dawson and Algarni LLC. also offers multimedia storytelling training. It is designed to show companies how to develop their pitch and give consumers a reason to choose them over their competition. The company website is WWW.DAWSONALGARNI.COM . They can also be found on social media. They can be contacted directly in English at (202)981-1528, or in Arabic at (202)823-6653.

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