ERC distributes over 800,000 meals, 30 tonnes of meat under ‘Grace Conservation’ project.

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority, ERC, delivered some 834,904 ready-made meals under its “Grace Conservation” programme in 2019.

The “Grace Conservation” projects are aimed at providing humanitarian aid to beneficiaries inside and outside the UAE, including the families of orphans, workers from government and private departments, families with limited incomes, in addition to the families of prison inmates and many other segments.

Through this project, the ERC seeks to reuse food to meet the needs of beneficiaries, while protecting the environment by recycling, instilling the culture of giving among members of society, while reusing resources.

The amount of fresh meat that was made available to beneficiaries reached some 30 tonnes by the end of last year, all of which underwent quality checks on its suitability for human consumption by medical laboratories, and under the supervision of specialised veterinarians.

The ERC provided 650 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables for beneficiaries of the project, distributed from warehouses equipped with refrigeration, drying, freezing machines, and refrigerated vans, while being subject to field visits from competent authorities to supervise its ability to be delivered safely.

The Authority also provided 7,000 food parcels to the beneficiaries of the “Grace Conservation” project, which included many food items, taking into account the needs of children and People of Determination, in addition to the number of family members, to meet their needs during a specific period.

The food list also included the provision of 300 thousand bundles of bread, some 170 tonnes of dry materials, 12 tonnes of dates, and 150,000 litres of juice and milk, in cooperation with major shopping centres, donors and government and private service institutions.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs