GAC Motor Sets a Precedent in Sanjiangyuan Eco-conservation Project

XINING, China, July 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A volunteer team from GAC Motor’s wetland ambassador program (“the Program”) has successfully concluded the July tour to Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve (SNNR), where they travelled to the Donggi Conag Lake to conduct biodiversity survey with ecologists from World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Wetland ambassadors program reached the headwater of Yellow River

In the three-day field survey, the team joined by media representatives documented the distribution and number of plateau wildlife species such as goa, bharal and yellow-billed teal and observed the plantation, hydrography, atmosphere and sunlight. The data will be used to evaluate habitat conditions and threat levels to help make future conservation plans.

“Through learning about ecological environment and wildlife protection in SNNR, the importance and urgency of protecting the wetland became very clear to us, I was also deeply impressed by the biodiversity in SNNR and understood that we still have a long way to go in eco-conservation,” said a media representative.

Shi Quanhua from WWF emphasized the importance of biodiversity research and cited the example of the first synchronized bird survey organized by GAC Motor, WWF and SNNR from June 16 to 22 as the foundation work for wetland protection, that working with GAC Motor volunteers not only helped to achieve the goals in research, but also created a new partnership model for Chinese national parks.

Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor, talked to volunteers, experts and media of the Program

As a partner of China’s First National Park Conservation Project (“the Project”) with WWF, the leading Chinese automaker has launched the Program in May with the goal of making practical contributions to support eco-conservation and sustainable development in one of the world’s most important freshwater sources; the headwaters of the Yangtze, Yellow and Mekong rivers which are home to “a gene bank of rare plateau species.”

Volunteers of the Program also completed tasks such as land cultivation, seed-sowing, irrigation and fertilization in Madoi County to help prevent grassland desertification in the far upstream of the Yellow River as well as providing herdsmen, protectors of the eco-environment recruited by SNNR, with professional equipment and trainings.

“Wildlife diversity is the treasure of mankind, the volunteers took the lead in eco-conservation and they will raise public awareness of ecological importance,” said Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor. “We will continue giving back to the society and participate in the Project to advance the sustainable development between people and nature, which allows us to share our vision with more people and make SNNR a positive example of China’s ecological progress.

The robust and reliable GS8 vehicles were serving the staff in SNNR to protect the eco-environment.

GAC Motor has pledged to deepen its innovations on alternative energy cars to protect the environment and save energy, searching for sustainable solutions to future mobility in the new energy sector to make the world greener. The company applies green and sustainable technologies in vehicle production, using environmental-friendly materials to eliminate harmful substances and dusts in the factory emissions to reduce atmospheric pollutions.

GAC Motor has set a practical goal of selling 1 million vehicles by 2020, among which 20 percent will be new energy vehicles.

About GAC Motor

A subsidiary of GAC Group, GAC Motor develops and manufactures premium quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories, achieving a year-to-year growth rate of 96 percent in 2016, the highest among all Chinese brands in the corresponding period. GAC Motor now ranks the highest among all Chinese brands for four consecutive years and fifth among all global brands in J.D. Power Asia Pacific’s 2016 China Initial Quality Study.

The rich riverbed vegetation at Sanjiangyuan

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