Gaza – A feminist demonstration to protest the occupation’s assault on women in Hebron

Dozens of women demonstrated in Gaza on Tuesday, denouncing the occupation army forces that forced a number of women in Hebron to take off their clothes.

The participants in the demonstration, which came at the invitation of the feminist framework of the Islamic Jihad movement, called on the institutions concerned with international women’s rights to defend the women of Palestine who are subjected to continuous violations by the occupation.

Saida Helles, head of the feminist framework in the Islamic Jihad Movement, said to Ma’an that this demonstration was a stand of anger and denunciation of what happened to the free women of Palestine in Hebron in light of the attack carried out by the occupation against women in Hebron, attacking them and forcing them to take off their clothes under intimidation with weapons and the threat of police dogs.

She stressed that this shameful act committed by the occupation must not be tolerated by the Palestinian people and all Muslims.

The resistance demanded a response to this act committed by the occupation, calling on human rights institutions to stand by the women of Palestine and defend them in light of these violations committed by the occupation

Source: Maan News Agency

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