Gaza – The Ministry of Labor launches a project to finance “micro” projects

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor in Gaza, Ihab Al-Ghussein, announced the launch of a project to finance and support micro-enterprises, with good loans, in partnership with the Tamkeen Program for Lending and Development.

Al-Ghussein said in a statement that the project will finance hundreds of small projects, with the loans provided reaching an amount of 15 thousand shekels, targeting beneficiaries from 18 to 45 years of age, from all segments of society, women and men.

He stressed that the project has great facilities, as there are no registration fees for the project or any profits on the loans provided, as they are purely good.

He explained that the duration of the facilitation and permission for those registered will be from three to six months, depending on the project and the monthly installment, which will not exceed 400 shekels after the approved grace period and payment within three years (36 months).

Al-Ghussein pointed out that priority in the project is for those whose professional, craft, or academic specializations are compatible with their submitted projects, so that they are serious about creating and providing a stable income.

He called on young people to register for the project and not wait for temporary employment opportunities, noting that the project is a strong opportunity despite the challenges.

He said that the Ministry of Labor will support everyone who benefits from the project and guide them in the correct way to make their projects successful, as was the case in the experience of the “Roots” project, which provided income for its owners and provided other job opportunities.

Al-Ghoussein pointed out that there are administrative and financial procedures for the project, such as providing guarantors, in cooperation and partnership with the Tamkeen Program for Lending and Development, according to agreements with the Production Bank, the Bank, the National Islamic Bank, and the Post.

He said that the project is ongoing and in its first phase targets hundreds of projects, as the registration link for it was launched today through the Ministry of Labor, and the registered projects may reach about 1,000 projects.

He stressed the readiness of the committees responsible for receiving projects in the Ministry of Labor to study them directly as soon as they are received, noting that priority is given to those who register first.

He stressed that the role of the Ministry of Labor does not stop at giving the loan, but rather it studies the project from its beginnings and provides its needs so that it is continued until its success is confirmed, it is able to provide income for its beneficiary, and it is expanded so that it can provide job opportunities for others

Source: Maan News Agency

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