AGC Acquires International Certification for Its AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd, New Refrigerant with Lower Environmental Impact

TOKYO, Oct. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — AGC Asahi Glass (AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, has announced the acquisition of certification for AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd, a new refrigerant with a lower environmental impact. The certification was granted in October 2017 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE (*1)), marking the first time for a Japanese company to obtain approval from ASHRAE for a new chemical substance. AGC intends to begin commercial production of AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd in early 2018, and will continue to increase capacity in line with demand growth.


AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd is a non-flammable, environmentally friendly new refrigerant designed mainly for use in centrifugal chillers, binary cycle generators and waste heat recovery heat pumps. AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd serves as an alternative to one of conventional refrigerants, HFC–245fa, but with the added benefits of a GWP (*2) (Global Warming Potential) value of under 1 (1/1,000th of conventional refrigerants) while maintaining equal or better refrigerant performance and stability. In addition to newer equipment fitted for AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd, existing equipment with certain specifications can also use the product without major modifications, allowing users to implement preventive measures against global warming without making large investments.

ASHRAE is an international organization involved in heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning, and its certification of a product’s safety (i.e. flammability, toxicity) is regarded as one of the prerequisites to commercialization. Prior to earning ASHRAE certification, the performance of AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd has already received high evaluation among various cooling equipment manufacturers both in and outside Japan, and Ebara Refrigeration Equipment & Systems Co., Ltd. has decided to adopt it for its next generation of centrifugal chillers. The recent ASHRAE certification for AMOLEA (TM) 1224yd is expected to accelerate the product’s adoption in a wide range of equipment around the world.

Under its management policy “AGC plus,” the AGC Group is committed to accelerate the development of refrigerants that reduce global warming, and strives to contribute to the early realization of environmentally friendly freezers, refrigerators and air-conditioners by closely cooperating with equipment manufacturers who have been proactively working on environmental issues.

(*1) An American scientific society involved in heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning that establishes standards for the performance and safety of related equipment and refrigerants and is also responsible for their certification.


(*2) A coefficient representing the effect on global warming. This figure expresses the global warming potential of greenhouse gases in relation to the baseline value of carbon dioxide, a type of natural refrigerant.

About the AMOLEA (TM) Series
Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), used as air-conditioner and automotive refrigerants, has a high GWP value, causing a significant burden on the natural environment. In November 2016, an international agreement was reached to gradually reduce the production and use of HFCs. AMOLEA (TM) is a next-generation solvent and refrigerant brand developed by AGC under the concept of “dramatically reducing GWP with superior performance.”

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