Ashghal Signs Seven Contracts to Develop Infrastructure of Citizens’ Sub-divisions and Roads Projects in Several Areas in Qatar

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ held on Monday, 13 May 2019, a press meeting during which it reviewed its plan to award infrastructure projects of Citizens’ Sub-divisions during year 2019. Also during the press meeting, seven new construction contracts were signed for the Road and Infrastructure Development projects for Citizens’ Sub-Divisions and road projects in several areas in Qatar, at a total value of QR 3.2 billion, to serve 3090 land plot.

The press meeting was held in the presence of H.E. Dr. Eng. Saad bin Ahmad Al-Muhannadi, President of the Public Works Authority, Eng. Yousef Abdulrahman Al Emadi, Projects Affairs Director at Ashghal, Eng. Saoud Ali Al-Tamimi, Roads Projects Department Manager, a number of CMC members and a number of managers and officials from Ashghal, in addition to representatives of the awarded companies.

On this occasion, Dr. Eng. Saad bin Ahmad Al-Muhannadi, President of Ashghal, said that H.E. the Prime Minister & Minister of Interior, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, has given directives to prioritise citizens’ plot development projects and develop clear plans while keeping commencement and completion dates transparent. He addedadded, Today’s contracts are signed with a total value of QR 3.2 billion in line with the directives of His Excellency and according to Ashghal’s projects plan. The contracts are awarded to six Qatari companies and a Kuwaiti company.

Eng. Yousef Abdulrahman Al Emadi, Projects Affairs Director at Ashghal added that signing of these contracts comes as part of Ashghal plan to develop the Roads and infrastructure in several areas in Qatar, which includes awarding projects worth QR 17 bn to serve 24,626 land plots. Today, 5 contracts worth QR 2.4 bn are signed to serve 3090 plot.

Also Eng. Saoud Al-Tamimi, Manager of Roads Projects Department, noted that Ashghal continues to serve the citizens’ lands according to its plan and to the directives of H.E. the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. He also pointed out that the signed projects include five projects for the infrastructure of the citizens’ lands in the south of Meshaf, Al Ebb and Leabaib, in addition to two road projects.

Eng. Hamad Al Badr from Ashghal’s Roads Projects Department, presented Ashghal’s plan to award infrastructure projects of Citizens’ Sub-divisions during year 2019, which will be implemented in several areas in Qatar including Al Egda, Al Heedan, Al Khor, Al Kharaitiyat, Izghawa, Umm Slal Mohammed, South of Duhail and Umm Lekhba Areas, in addition to Al Ebb, Leabaib, Jeryan Nejaima, Rawdat Al Jihaniya, North of Ain Khaled, Semaisma, Al Sheehaniya, Al Mearad, South West of Muaither, Rawdat Egdaim, Al Meshaf, Mebaireek, and East of Al Wajba areas.

H.E. Dr. Eng. Saad bin Ahmad Al-Muhannadi, President of Ashghal, signed the new contracts for Roads and Infrastructure Development Projects for Citizens’ Sub-Divisions in South of Al Meshaf, with the representatives of the awarded contractors at a value of about QR 1.3 billion which include 3 packages serving 993 land plots. These projects will provide 119.8 km of drainage networks, 55.7 km of sewage networks, 26.3 km of irrigation networks and 48.7 km of road works.

The first contract included package one of South Al Meshaf project, which was awarded to the joint venture of Sacyr and MedGulf, at a value of about QR 474 million. This package will serve 119 land plots.

The third package of South Al Meshaf project was signed with the representative of the joint venture of UrbaCon Trading & Contracting Co. and InfraRoad Trading & Contracting which will serve 404 land plots at a value of QR 394 million. While the fourth package was signed with Al-Sarh Holding Group with a value of QR 434 million and will serve 470 plots.

Ashghal President also signed another two contracts for packages Three and Five of Al Ebb and Leabaib Project. The first contract is awarded to Al Darwish Engineering Company with a total value of QR 718 million to serve 1278 Plots, while the second contract is awarded to TriConstruct Corporation with a total value of QR 395 million to serve 819 plots. The project includes the development of the infrastructure in Al Ebb and Leabaib area, including the implementation of 63 km of roads, 102 km of drainage networks, 51 km of sewage networks and 32 km of irrigation networks. In addition to building 126 km of pedestrian and cycling paths.

The contracts signed yesterday included the contract for the Development of the B-Ring Road Project, which includes the construction of 9.1 km of roads and the expansion of the current road to 3 lanes in each direction instead of two. Through this project, 6 intersections will be developed and 3 roundabouts will be converted to signal-controlled intersections. Two pedestrian bridges with electric elevators will also be built. This contract is awarded to Al Jaber and Makhloof with a value of QR 472 million.

Phase one of the Road Development Project in South Doha was also signed yesterday, and is awarded to Al-Ghanim International Company for QR 354 million. The project includes the implementation of 9 km of irrigation networks and 25 km of drainage networks. The project also includes the construction of 20 km of roads as well as landscaping and lighting to enhance traffic safety in the area.

Sheikha Al Jufairi, Central Municipal Council member for Al Hilal Area praised the efforts exerted by Ashghal to carry many roads and infrastructure development projects in many areas in Qatar and praised the continuous cooperation between Ashghal and the members of the Municipal Council.

Mr. Meshal Al Nuaimi, Central Municipal Council member for Al-Kheesa, Al Ebb and Leabib Constituency thanked the officials at #Ashghal for their continued efforts to develop roads and infrastructure in the area, which will certainly benefit many citizens.

Mr. Khalifa Al Ghanim, Board Member of Al Ghanim International, said: “We are very pleased with the cooperation between Kuwait and Qatar in the field of construction, stressing that this is not the first time Al Ghanim International has received contracts for implementing infrastructure projects.

Al Ghanim explained that Al Ghanim International did not face any difficulties, adding that the Public Works Authority was keen to overcome all obstacles to the company to obtain the implementation of the project for the development of roads in the south of Doha, phase one. Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalid bin Hasan AlThani, Group Chairman of Al-Sarh Holding Group, expressed his appreciation to the Public Works Authority for its continuous efforts to encourage national companies to implement infrastructure projects in the country.

He added that Al-Sarh Holding Group signed a contract to develop roads and infrastructure in South Meshaf, package four.

Mr. Yousuf Jassem Al Darwish, Chairman of Al Darwish Engineering Company, expressed his pride in the road and infrastructure development contract in Al Ebb and Leabaib, phase three. He pointed out that encouraging Qatari companies has become a priority for the Public Works Authority.

Al Darwish pointed out that Ashghal has eased all difficulties for Al-Darwish Engineering Company to obtain this contract, stressing the implementation of the project based on the criteria set by the Public Works Authority.

These projects are scheduled to commence in Q3 2019 according to Ashghal’s plan. Ashghal President previously stated that by the end of 2024, the number of citizens’ land plots to be served with infrastructure would be 3 times the number of plots served with infrastructure in 2013, which is a clear indication of the government’s care and support to serve the citizens of Qatar.

Source: Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’