China’s Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc.: Breaking a Record in the Non-ferrous Mine Development in Iran

YANTAI, China, Dec. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Arasbaran gold mine, a Iran Zarkavan Arasbaran Company project is co-owned by the Geology and Mineral Prospecting Bureau of Jiangxi Province. It was outsourced to Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Inc. for development and has recently achieved a breakthrough in expanding its daily capacity which exceeds the design target and has the potential to grow further. This will lead to an increase of more than 10 million yuan in annual output value. Launched in September 2016, the project takes the lead in four aspects-the startup of production in only one year, a mine independently controlled by a Chinese company, the application of cyanide-free process and the exemption from customs duty by using made-in-China equipment.

Xinhai undertook the tasks of mineral processing tests, mine design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and full production capacity. It designed the process of stage grinding, one-stage gravity concentration and stage flotation for the sake of simple technology, less equipment investment and environmental protection.

While guaranteeing the optimal technical and equipment indexes, the company took into the consideration the impact on the water supply, drainage and dust removal systems on the environment. It designed backwater pipelines in the plant: the overflow of desliming hopper, the filtrate of press filter and the ground flushing water return to the high-position backwater pond for recycling after settlement. In addition, it arranged dry bag filters in the area where dust usually occurs. It also designed ground washing for all the workshops and belt verandas at a volume of 6L/m2 per shift, arranged a dust-proof enclosed hood at each blanking spot, and applied the automatic control dust-cleaning equipment and the interlocking between fan and mineral processing equipment.

In February 2017, the project stepped into the stage of equipment commissioning. Compared with the similar projects in the industry, it was completed in just 15 months, much faster than the common development period of 2 years. The project marked a record-high construction speed in the mining industry in Iran, a speed recognized by the mining sector in Iran as “China’s Speed” along the “One Belt and One Road”.

Now the Arasbaran project has a 350t/d capacity and can produce 5,000t high-grade gold concentrates each year. It is expected to achieve an annual production value of 70 million yuan.

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