Educational Vouchers Law Shows Qatar Keenness on Quality Education

Doha, September 04 (QNA) –  HE Saad bin Ibrahim Al Mahmoud, Minister of Education and Higher Education and Secretary General of the Supreme Education Council (SEC) Saad bin Ibrahim Al Mahmoud on Tuesday said that issuing of  the educational vouchers law, which provides citizens with educational privileges that may be unique to Qatar, will push community partnership further towards the responsibility of proper educational selection and monitor the level of educational institutions.
“Our leadership’s absolute belief that quality education is a permanent investment in the promotion of living standard and welfare of the citizens,” , HE the Minister noted.
HE the Minister said on the occasion of the issuance of Law no. (7) for 2012 on educational vouchers, adding that achieving sustainable development through an educated generation capable of “effectively participating in the knowledge economy makes us realize how big the responsibility vested in the SEC in persevering and making sincere efforts to interpret this into practical successful reality in all ways and means that achieve this lofty vision.”
Al Mahmoud explained that implementing the new system is a fundamental foundation for the provision of outstanding educational options and alternatives for the Qatari citizen, noting that one of the most important positive results of this system is competition among schools to provide education of high quality for its students.
All independent and private schools falling within this system will be committed to certain standards that should be achieved, and SEC, HE said, will expect positive indicators annually on them.
The system applies to all Qatari students enrolled in schools chosen by SEC, and in accordance with the standards, conditions, and the admission and registration policy set by the council.
According to the resolution, the ‘educational vouchers’ system is a financial support granted by the state to students to cover their tuition fees totally or partially in schools enrolled in the system. (QNA)

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