Local Dates Festival concludes

The fourth edition of the Local Dates Festival by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Souq Waqif management concluded at Souq Waqif on Saturday.

Over 170 tonnes of dates were sold at the event that attracted as many as 51,000 visitors.

The festival that started on July 23 was organised as part of Qatar’s efforts to promote locally grown products and help local farmers find the ideal market for dates. More than one dozen local varieties were on sale from 85 farms across Qatar in addition to Hassad food company. The festival was attended by 86 farmers from across the country. The varieties on sale at the festival include Al-Khalas, Al-Shishi, Al-Khenaizi, Al-Barhi, Al-Iraqi and Al-Silji, Al-Saqai, Nabt Saif, Al-Lulu and Al-Razizi.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment