MADLSA Launches Annual Training Plan for 2019

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA), yesterday, launched the annual training plan for the Institute of Public Administration of the coming year, the largest training plan by the Institute since its inception.

Abdulaziz Saad Al Majali, General Director of the Institute at MADLSA, said that the plan includes 1,037 training programs of which 671 are in the administrative track, and 280 in the specialized one, in addition to 86 special programs involving about 20,740 employees from government entities, an increase of up to 40% of the target number of the plan this year.

Al Majali confirmed that the institute’s plan for 2019 was built after considering training needs provided by 42 government institutes subject to the civil human resources management law, where trained specialists were trained on the use of models to identify the training needs of the administrative and specialized tracks last March.

Source: Government of Qatar

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