Ministry of Municipality Launches “Secure Your Life” Initiative for Workers

The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Mechanical Equipments Department, launched a joint initiative in cooperation with the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) under the theme: “Secure Your Life”.

This initiative comes in implementation of the Mechanical Equipments Department plans to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030, in the field of human development for the benefit of employees and workers, and in line with the goals of sustainable development in building the capacities of vulnerable groups and raising their awareness of occupational safety and health, which contributes to removing the causes of work accidents and preventing their occurrence.

Eng. Khaled Khalil Al Haddad, Head of Financial and Administrative Department of the Mechanical Equipment Department, stressed the importance of this type of initiatives, which comes within the keenness of the Ministry of Municipality to educate its employees, raise the level of their health culture, and create a work environment free of injuries and accidents.

Source: Hukoomi Qatar Government

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