OIC Meeting Welcomes Results of Qatar’s Mediation between Djibouti, Eritrea

New York, September 29 (QNA) – The Annual Coordination Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the OIC Member States has welcomed the results of the mediation by the State of Qatar aimed at ending the dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea with regard to the Ras Doumeira and Doumeira Island and encouraged both parties to restore the Status quo and to resolve their border dispute peacefully and in accordance with international law.
This came in the Final Communiqué of the Annual Coordination Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the OIC Member States that was released at the end of their meeting last night in New York.
The Meeting demanded the full cooperation by Israel, the occupying Power with the Human Rights Council in order to implement its mandate for an independent international fact-finding mission on the implications of the Israeli settlements for the political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.
It reaffirmed its continued support for the establishment of a Nuclear- Weapon-Free Zone in the Middle East. It called on Israel, as the only non-NPT party in the Middle East, to accede, unconditionally and without further delay, to the Treaty as a non-nuclear-weapon party, and to place all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive safeguards of the IAEA.
The Meeting expressed its full solidarity with the Muslims in Greece in general, and called on Greece once again to take all the necessary measures to enable the Turkish Muslim Minority in Western Thrace to fully enjoy its rights and freedoms emanating from bilateral and international agreements to which Greece is a party, as well as to remedy the problems of the Muslim population of Turkish descent living in the Dodecanese in line with universal norms regarding minorities.
The Meeting expressed strong condemnation of the production and projection of the reprehensible film insulting the noble Prophet (PBUH) by an irresponsible group in the US, resulting in unfortunate violent incidents. The Meeting denounced the aggressions perpetrated against many diplomatic missions around the world and the irresponsible violations, which claimed the lives of some workers of these missions, and insisted on the need to guard against those who promote or are planning to produce such films in order to provoke Muslims.
The Meeting strongly condemned violence and violations of human rights committed against innocent unarmed Muslim civilians in the Rakhine region of Myanmar which is contrary to all the principles of human rights, values, ethics and international law and has detrimental implications for regional peace, stability and security.
The Meeting, regretting that the last negotiation process for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue initiated under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General s Good Offices Mission in 2008 was unable to produce a result despite the dedicated efforts of the Turkish Cypriot side, declared its support for a just, comprehensive and lasting settlement in Cyprus based on the inherent constitutive power of the two peoples, their political equality and co-ownership of the Island. (QNA)

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