Nearly 10,000 investors are vying for 250 investment opportunities in the industrial sector announced as part of the “own a factory in Qatar within 72 hours” initiative launched under the Single Window System Management.

Chairman of the Coordinating Panel for the Single Window System Management, Salman Mohammed Keldari, said that the initiative, the second one under the Single Window System witnessed a huge turnout of 9,349 investors.

In a press conference held yesterday on the sidelines of an induction session for investors, Keldari said that the initiative covers eight major industrial sectors: food, paper, medical, chemical, electrical, machinery and automotive, rubber and plastics, and metals.

He underlined the great turnout by investors, noting that the food industry sector alone accounted for the lion’s share of the number of registered investors to obtain opportunities in this sector by 3,168 investors, while the number of investors registered in the metal industry 1,334 investors, paper industry 1,086 Investors, rubber and plastics industry 941 investors, chemical industries 826 investors, medical industries 710 investors, electrical industries 732 investors, machinery and vehicles 552 investors.

Source: Government of Qatar