UAE continuing humanitarian initiatives to overcome coronavirus, repatriates residents from Canada.

The UAE is continuing its pioneering humanitarian initiatives that aim to overcome the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, as part of its mission to uphold the values of solidarity and cooperation throughout the world during the current crisis.

The UAE’s humanitarian initiatives include repatriating several Emirati residents from Canada to reunite them with their families in the UAE, which was accomplished according to the highest health standards, embodying the guidance of the UAE’s leadership.

Emirati resident Dr. Ehab Riyad thanked the UAE’s leadership and government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for the initiative.

In a statement to Emirates News Agency, WAM, Dr. Riyad expressed his gratitude for the care and concern of relevant Emirati authorities to bring him back to the UAE, adding that he arrived in Canada two months ago, registered in the ”Twajudi Resident Service”, and was contacted by the UAE Embassy and the “Crisis Management Cell,” which ensured his safe return to the country.

“We were continuously monitored throughout our stay in Canada and all forms of support and care were provided to us. This humanitarian stance embodies the UAE’s stature as a unique model of coexistence between all nationalities, and confirms its pioneering humanitarian approach to supporting all residents on its soil,” Dr. Riyad said.

Dr. Ahmed Shamaa, the father of a student returning from Canada, stated that he has lived in the UAE for 29 years, and thanked the country and its leadership for supporting his only son throughout his stay in Canada and coordinating his return to the country, adding that he is very happy about the fact that his only son was able to return from Canada.

He stressed that his son was supported by members of the UAE’s diplomatic mission in Canada, and received care and attention until his return.

A female Emirati student studying in Canada said she was excited to be back in the UAE, adding that the country’s initiative was not strange and reflected its noble humanitarian mission and its care and attention for its residents.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched the service for UAE residents outside the country, to facilitate their safe return. 

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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