Youth Ministry, SCW discuss initiatives to achieve gender balance in sports field

Youth and Sports Affairs Minister, Ayman bin Tawfiq Al-Moayyad, held a remote meeting with the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Women (SCW), Hala Al-Ansari, with the participation of the members of the Youth Ministry’s Equal Opportunities Committee, and SCW members.


The two sides reviewed the Youth Ministry’s initiatives aimed at enhancing the Bahraini women’s advancement in the youth and sports fields.


Al-Moayyad stressed that supporting women in the sports field is a top priority for the Youth and Sports Affairs Ministry, noting that the Ministry’s strategy is compatible with the kingdom’s efforts to advance Bahraini women.


He said that through the Equal Opportunities Committee, the Youth Ministry seeks to achieve gender balance through launching programmes and initiatives aimed at bridging gender gaps and achieving equal participation for all.


SCW Secretary-General stressed the importance of the Youth Ministry’s efforts to support Bahraini women, noting that enhancing cooperation between the SCW and the Youth and Sports Affairs Ministry will achieve the interests of Bahraini women, and enable them to attain more achievements for the kingdom at various sports gatherings.


Assistant Undersecretary for Support and Initiatives and Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Committee at the Youth Ministry, Sara Eshaq, highlighted the Equal Opportunities Committee’s efforts to coordinate with the SCW’s Gender Balance Centre, citing the survey conducted recently to measure the effectiveness of the support services aimed at achieving gender balance at the Youth Ministry.


The Youth and Sports Affairs Ministry also reviewed two initiatives aimed at developing Bahraini women’s capabilities and skills, as well as enabling them to participate in various competitions.


According to the first initiative, the mechanism to support clubs was amended, whereby additional support will be granted according to the performance. The support granted to the clubs will also be linked to their efforts to involve women in various games.


As to the second, a committee, including female competencies, was formed to document the achievements of the sports community in Bahrain, including those of Bahraini women.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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