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Global Security Forum Discusses Participation in Shaping Features of New World Order

Doha, March 13 (QNA) – Heads of state, experts, academics and decision-makers stressed the need for solidarity, concerted efforts and collective action in order to face global challenges and address urgent security issues such as wars, conflicts, cyber threats and climate change and awareness of them to create an enabling environment.

During the sessions of the 5th Global Security Forum, which began today under the theme “Reshaping the Global Order: Conflict, Crises, and Cooperation” at the Sheraton Doha Hotel, they stressed the importance of regional and global cooperation, diversification of the economy and participation in shaping the features of the new world order.

Growing global challenges of wars, conflicts, climate change issues and economic pressures all require everyone to think about a solution, HE President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame said. We, as parties, states and leaders, must play our role and contribute to solutions before we reach undesired stages, and the major powers should look at it from this perspective, he said.

He added he was disturbed that the world loses its balance, and stakeholders should discuss crises and challenges and convince fanatics of ideas to move towards the future, calling for unification at the national, regional and global levels to confront these growing challenges and crises.

The President of the Republic of Rwanda indicated that the US-African summit, held last December, achieved tangible results and will have more clear results in the future, pointing to his confidence in the efforts of the African Union and leaders in the region in addressing the challenges of the African continent in cooperation with and assistance from the world.

His Excellency highlighted the development in his country and the development of its capabilities in the field of health and development, raising economic growth rates and strengthening governance as well as fairness and equality for women. He also noted his country’s relations with the United Kingdom and the handling of refugee issues.

For his part, HE Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of the Maldives Sheikh Imran Abdulla said that terrorism and security issues rank first in terms of importance due to their negative repercussions on everyone, indicating that his country has drawn up comprehensive plans to combat terrorism and terrorist groups and has raised the pace of attention to meet challenges.

He noted the need to diversify collective action efforts to face global challenges such as the Russian-Ukrainian war, cyber threats and climate change, and awareness of these issues to create a favorable environment as terrorism affects the sovereignty of states and has economic, security and social repercussions.

He pointed to the importance of finding solutions to security challenges and crises in the region and the world, noting that the experience of the Republic of the Maldives shows the importance of regional cooperation and diversification of the economy and the participation of the continent of Asia in shaping the features of the new world order. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency