Google Discovery is a portal for the public to access news

The Google Discovery platform is an important gateway to reaching the target audience, especially in the field of news. This platform has a group of leading news sites that have succeeded in attracting millions of visits through compelling and modern content. In this article, we present to you some of the news sites that sit at the top of Google Discovery.

News sites at the top of Google Discovery

We review the best news sites, because we always strive to follow global events to understand the reality around us and the course of things. Global events play a decisive role in shaping our reality, determining the fate of countries and their people, and determining the future of the entire world. Therefore, many people find great importance in following international news, as some of them become obsessed with following it. To know all the details and problems that arise.

Castle News website

The Qalaa News website is distinguished by collecting American news, and is considered among the most prominent internat
ional news sites concerned with analyzing global events, whether in the Arab or foreign arena, via the Internet.

The Huffington Post is among the world’s leading news sites, covering US news in-depth as well as local and international versions. The content is edited with a left-wing political perspective, and the site is very popular among visitors and ranks high on the list of most visited sites.

News summary website

It is considered one of the most prominent international news sites, as the news feed includes crews of correspondents from all over the world to constantly transmit exclusive news. The site is available in both Arabic and English, and provides comprehensive and real-time coverage of global events with the participation of specialized correspondents from various countries.

It is distinguished by being one of the most important international news sites. It provides immediate interaction with current news and developments and is followed by a large number of followers around the world. The con
tent is presented in several additional languages, which enhances its comprehensiveness and global impact.

Ma’an Arabic website

The Ma’an website is considered one of the most prominent and famous international news websites, as it provides comprehensive and real-time coverage of all international news and news from the Arab world as well. It is considered one of the prominent names in the field of global media. What distinguishes the website is its commitment to providing news and analysis around the clock, with a focus on providing exclusive news and transparency in information. the introduction.

Al-Jazeera website

It is considered the largest Arab media platform that covers Arab and international news comprehensively, thanks to a huge work team and a network of correspondents that extends to all parts of the world. Al Jazeera also tops the list of Arab news channels and websites, as it is committed to following up events around the clock, and provides exclusive broadcasts of all global and Arab develop
ments, which It makes it a premier source of news and analysis.

Today’s news website

Al-Youm News website is considered one of the ten best news websites, as it includes a satellite channel affiliated with Saudi TV, and specializes in transmitting international, Arab and local news, in addition to comprehensive coverage of news from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The website and channel include a group of professionals, including broadcasters and reporters, and are always striving to To provide exclusive news and present various programs that discuss multiple topics, the site includes many news reports. The channel and the site pay great attention to economic affairs and what affects the Saudi market. The channel is broadcast in Arabic, and the site is also available with translation into English and Persian.

Source: Maan News Agency

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