HELIPELLER Unveils its New-Generation Smart and World-Leading Manned Vehicle

SHANGHAI, Sept. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In the China National Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo, HELIPELLER unveiled its new G brand two-seater quadrotor “Flyball”. Hundreds of guests and reporters bore witness to this historic moment. CEO Yang Haiyan stated this new product boasts four fundamental features: smart driving, instant takeoff/landing, universal energy source, and easy parking. Indeed, it possesses an epoch-making aircraft portfolio.

In particular, its latest technologies and parameters revolutionize the universal aircraft sector. Dual engine technology and a parachute system give the product unprecedented security, 8.2hr max uptime, 1100 km max range, 135 km/h max cruise speed, and 350 kg max load. 95 gasoline is used to guarantee long-distance continuous flight and can be readily replenished at a fuel station. Foldable wings make it possible for the vehicle to easily travel on the urban road and properly fit into a parking space with a 2.6m min width and 1.92m height. Finally, smart flight control system facilitates maneuvering meaning functions like one-button takeoff/land, hovering, automatic obstacle avoidance can be easily achieved, opening up the experience of flight to more users.

Flyball opens up a new epoch in future traffic and brings new applications and opportunities for logistics, sightseeing, film & TV production, disaster relief, medical aid, outdoor inspection, and other fields.

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