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ICSS CEO to QNA: “The ICSS Committed to Promoting Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection In and Through Sport” -1-

Regarding partnerships (locally and internationally) the ICSS has entered to help facilitate positive change, ICSS CEO said “All partners are important from big agencies to small youth organizations. We all have a role. You need to work with international organizations to align your work with the global agenda, the SDGs in particular, with enlightened national agencies like Qatar Charity and QFFD which represent a unique and powerful engine, as well as an opportunity to integrate our efforts into more complex development and humanitarian efforts. And you need the local stakeholders because they will ensure the success of your work by making sure that beneficiaries become agents of change and will take the lead in the long term.” “Sustainability is a transversal concept which should be present in all our activities and project. It should be part of our working and life style. Sustainability should be actioned and not simply discussed,” he underlined On the role that sport in general and the ICSS in particular can play in addressing climate change, Montanari said “Sport teaches values like integrity and respect. If you have integrity, if you respect yourself and others you will have the right attitude towards environment. At the same time, athletes can be great advocates and help people understand that respecting environment is the only option. The sport sector itself has to become more accountable when we talk about preserving resources and protecting environment and if we really want to lead by example. Youth will look at our behaviors.” Regarding that the long-term vision of the ICSS to find solutions through sport to environmental challenges, Montanari told QNA “We don’t have a specific programme on environment but messages about environment are present in all our initiatives. We talk about it when we promote sustainability safety and security policies, when we promote ethics and integrity in sport or when we use sport and its values to empower and educate young people. Environment is always one of the key topics. We think about environment also in our daily activities. The items we procure, the water we drink. We give priority to zero-miles products, goods manufactured with recyclable materials and any other solution that can help us in delivering a better world to the future generations.”

Source: Qatar News Agency