KAHRAMAA Builds Precast Substation in Record Time

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation KAHRAMAA has successfully built a model power substation from precast concrete in a record time by using the state-of-the-art modern construction technology. This achievement comes within the endeavors of KAHRAMAA to promote performance in terms of project completion and to provide its services as per the highest standards of quality.

KAHRAMAA’s Electricity Networks Affairs have searched for means to improve the existing potential and the technical means used in the modern construction technologies, which helps reduce the time spent in implementing distribution stations.

The endeavors have resulted in completing a distribution substation in 35 days using the precast concrete, thus saving 60% of the construction time, instead of 90 days by the traditional way.

The substation was constructed by moving and installing these elements using the modern construction technology where many traditional construction stages were escaped including (bricks, carpentry and pouring concrete and many more.

Source: Government of Qatar

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