Kazakh Ministry of Defence honours UAE Ambassador, Military Attache

The Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan has honoured Dr. Mohammed Ahmed bin Sultan Al Jaber, UAE Ambassador to Kazakhstan.

Talgat Mukhtarov, Deputy Minister of Defence of Kazakhstan, honoured Ambassador Al Jaber by giving him the Medal of Contribution to Strengthening International Co-operation for his ongoing efforts to develop and strengthen the overall co-operation between their two countries, especially in the military domain, while stressing that the leadership and government of Kazakhstan appreciate the efforts of the UAE’s mission in Astana to enhance and widen their bilateral relations.

Mukhtarov also honoured Rashid Ali Al Mehrezi, UAE Military Attache, with of the Republic of Kazakhstan Armed Forces’ 25 Years’ Medal for his efforts to strengthen the military co-operation between both countries.

Al Jaber expressed his appreciation to the leadership and government of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstani Ministry of Defence for appreciating of the role of the UAE Embassy in Astana in strengthening the bilateral relations between both countries while highlighting the UAE’s determination to further promote their co-operation.

Al Mehrezi also expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Defence for recognising his role in fostering bilateral military relations.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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