MME Launches Online Registration, Documentation of Real Estate Leases Contracts

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the Information Systems Department, has announced the launch of an online service for registration and documentation of real estate leases contracts through its website.

Hamda Abdulaziz Al Maadheed, Director of Information Systems Department, affirmed that the launch of the new service comes within the framework of the Ministry’s continuous efforts to develop e-services for the convenience of people that would be available anytime, anywhere, and that would be achieved in a record time with high quality.

She explained that the procedures for registering and attestation property leases were characterized by increased demand and required personal attendance of the applicant at municipal real estate registration offices. Besides, piles of documents were quite burdensome for the applicants. The service currently covers contracts associated with one property, however, in the next phase it will include multiple contracts in one transaction.

Source: Government of Qatar