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JSGQ Exports its Galvanizing Materials to 17 Countries, Making its Cumulative Overseas Shipment Exceed 600,000 Tons

LIYANG, China, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On January 22, 2021, Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanization Industrial Company (Hereinafter as JSGQ) announced its annual statistics, showing that its cumulative shipments of hot-dipped galvanizing materials to global overseas markets (except China) have exceeded 600,000 tons, being exported to more than 17 countries, such as America, India, Netherlands, Australia, the UAE, South Korea, and Indonesia, etc.

As one of the largest hot-dipped galvanizing enterprises in China, JSGQ has an annual production capacity of more than 3 million tons. Produced and processed from hot-dipped galvanizing materials, the hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, buckles, climbing frames, traffic sound barriers, highway guardrails and solar mounting structures are widely used in such industries as construction, transportation and photovoltaic.

Since 2005, JSGQ has been exporting hot-dipped galvanizing materials to overseas markets, successively exporting such products to the global markets. After years of enterprise development, JSGQ has become one of China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises, China’s Top 100 Transportation Enterprise and the only one from PV mounting structure industry entering China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises, taking the lead in various fields.

In this special year of 2020, JSGQ, through its own strong strength, has achieved a record high sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan. At the same time, its performance in overseas markets has also been excellent. As of today, the cumulative shipments of hot-dipped galvanizing materials exceed 600,000 tons. At present, JSGQ is determined to further plough overseas markets. It has set up branch office in Australia and plans to set up subsidiaries and offices in some countries, such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe, in hopes of serving customers from worldwide.

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