Kavalan Enters ‘Ginaissance,’ Offers Perfect Drink for New Year

First in a range of gins by Taiwanese whisky maker inspired by island’s subtropical riches 

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jan. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — After the excesses of the holiday period, the answer to the perfect drink could lie in a refreshingly smooth and clean gin by acclaimed whisky maker Kavalan, featuring a subtle blend of six botanical extracts.

A refreshingly smooth new gin for the new year from whisky maker Kavalan with six botanical extracts including kumquat peel, dried star fruit and red guava

Completing worldwide distribution in 2019, Kavalan Gin (40% ABV at 70cl) is the inaugural gin from the Taiwanese whisky maker. Double charcoal-filtered and triple distilled in traditional copper stills, it is made from the same incredibly pure malted barley spirit as the award-winning Kavalan whisky.

Kavalan Gin is the first in a new series of Kavalan Exquisite Gins for global release.

Its rounder, more complex profile and creamy mouthfeel make Kavalan Gin luxurious enough to be a sipping gin, as well as drunk in cocktails.

The perfect cocktail for the New Year enhances Kavalan Gin’s richness, zestiness and spice. The exotic “Road by the Sea” makes a delicious moment to share with friends or family on any occasion.

  • Kavalan Gin – 50ml
  • Sherry Amontillado – 10ml
  • Dolin Dry Vermouth-infused Bamboo Leaf – 10ml
  • Coconut Water – 10ml
  • Coriander Bitters – 2 drops

Kavalan CEO Mr. YT Lee said his first gin, made with botanical extracts, balanced its juniper with notes of tart, sweet kumquat and other citrus, adding depth with musky guava, sweet starfruit, and spices.

“We want to offer a new gin experience this new year. That’s why along with the traditional botanicals of juniper, aniseed and coriander, we are giving people a taste of Kavalan’s home in Yilan with kumquat peel, dried star fruit and red-flesh guava botanical extracts,” he said.
“Taiwan is the kingdom of fruits and Yilan itself is lush and wet, offering its own mouth-watering fruits,” Mr. Lee said.(1)

Master Blender Ian Chang said the Exquisite Gins would celebrate experimentation and take inspiration from the flavours of Kavalan’s home in Taiwan. “After more than 10 years of making whisky, I wanted to try my hand at gin and contribute to the global Gin Renaissance. I’m very excited about crafting a unique series to showcase Kavalan distillery and Yilan and extend a warm welcome to gin drinkers,” Mr. Chang said.

Kavalan Gin’s bottle design pays tribute to its water source, Snow Mountain, with the juniper-blue glass crystals symbolising the mountain’s melt waters while the clear glass on top represents its transformation into the deliciously pure spirit of the gin.

“The smoothness of our gins, like our whiskies, relies on the mineral-rich water we take from Snow Mountain’s springs, so it’s fitting we pay homage to it as well as gin’s juniper on the bottle,” Mr. Chang said.

Kavalan has proved itself a strong bar favourite once again in this year’s 2019 Annual Bar Report by Drinks International, voted by bartenders, managers and owners across the globe.(2)

Product Information 
At the heart of the inaugural Kavalan Gin is the rarest of malted barley spirits, made from Taiwan’s purest water source and triple-distilled in Kavalan Distillery’s German stills to create a luxuriously mellow mouth-feel. An elegant expression of the natural bounty found in the fertile, subtropical land of Kavalan Distillery, this Taiwanese gin features six specially selected botanical extracts, 100% natural, including tangy kumquat, luscious star fruit and sweet red-flesh guava, giving this exceptionally fine gin its delicious aromatic complexity.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour – Crystal clear
  • Nose – Refreshing and elegant. Delicate aromas of juniper berries, soft aniseed and scents of coriander flourish, developing into an exuberance of zesty kumquat and citrus orange finish.
  • Palate – Rich, pleasingly sweet, and long and full in body. A thick creaminess envelops the tongue releasing a distinctive sweetness from the red-flesh guava, starfruit, and zesty kumquat perfectly balanced by a burst of refreshing citrus.
  • Finish – An elegance and enduring fruitiness that defines this smooth, clean gin.

About Kavalan Distillery 

Kavalan Distillery in Yilan County has been pioneering the art of single malt whisky in Taiwan since 2005. Our whisky, aged in intense humidity and heat, sources the meltwaters of Snow Mountain and is enhanced by cool sea and mountain breezes. All this combines to create Kavalan’s signature creaminess. Taking Yilan County’s old name, our distillery is backed by about 40 years of beverage-making under parent company, King Car Group. We have collected more than 280 gold awards or higher from the industry’s most competitive contests, and are available in more than 70 countries. Visit www.kavalanwhisky.com

Notes to the Editor: 

1. Locally-Inspired Botanical Extracts 100% Natural:

Vast tropical and subtropical landscapes across the island allow the cultivation of a rich diversity of fruits and produce. The 100% natural botanical extracts blended into Kavalan Gin have been inspired by the following local varieties from the Kingdom of Fruit:

  • Kumquat peel — A refreshing tartness balanced with sweetness
    Yilan is famous for its zesty kumquats, which translates in Mandarin to “Golden Orange.” Larger than a grape, biting into a kumquat gives a big burst of tart, sweet citrus flavour. The tartness comes from the flesh and the sweetness from the zest, in contrast to other citrus fruits.
  • Dried red guava — Sweet, musky aroma
    Taiwan is one of the world’s largest producers of guavas, which is a delicate and sweet fruit, with green or yellow skin. Yilan has a reputation for the soft, red-flesh variety which has a divinely sweet flesh that melts in your mouth.
  • Dried star fruit — Fruity sweetness to stimulate your appetite
    Taiwanese Star Fruit are larger and more succulent than other varieties. With notes of pineapple and citrus, it is identified by five “ribs,” which create a star shape when sliced, Taiwanese Star Fruit is grown right across the country, with sweet and tart varieties, and has become a symbolic fruit for Taiwan.

2. In Drinks International’s 2019 Annual Bar Report Kavalan ranks 4th highest trending (In terms of requests by bar customers) and 5th best selling in the World Whisky category.

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